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For example, windoww should never split long string literals like URLs or some other often copied entities over multiple lines to fit this limit:. The key mechanism for achieving this is so-called format selection based on which you can explicitly specify desired format, select formats based on some criterion youtube-dl windows download criteria, setup precedence and much more.

Youtube-dl windows download.Releases: ytdl-org/youtube-dl

This code will try to extract from meta first and if it fails it will try extracting og:title from a http://replace.me/12211.txt. That is useful for metafields that youtube-dl windows download or may not be present. Otherwise, it will instead try to download the highest quality file that contains both video and audio. YouTube regularly changes its way of storing videos, youtube-dl windows download the old youtube-dl scripts yotube-dl stop working.


How to Install and Use YouTube-dl on PC, Mac, and Linux – Prerequisites for Using youtube-dl GUI Apps


To speed up your issue, here’s what you can do:. First of all, please do report the issue at our issue tracker. That allows us to coordinate all efforts by users and developers, and serves as a unified point. Unfortunately, the youtube-dl project has grown too large to use personal email as an effective communication channel.

Please read the bug reporting instructions below. A lot of bugs lack all the necessary information. If you can, offer proxy, VPN, or shell access to the youtube-dl developers. If you are able to, test the issue from multiple computers in multiple countries to exclude local censorship or misconfiguration issues.

Feel free to bump the issue from time to time by writing a small comment “Issue is still present in youtube-dl version Please do not declare your issue as important or urgent. For one, have a look at the list of supported sites. In that case, simply report a bug.

It is not possible to detect whether a URL is supported or not. That’s because youtube-dl contains a generic extractor which matches all URLs. You may be tempted to disable, exclude, or remove the generic extractor, but the generic extractor not only allows users to extract videos from lots of websites that embed a video from another service, but may also be used to extract video from a service that it’s hosting itself.

Therefore, we neither recommend nor support disabling, excluding, or removing the generic extractor. If you want to find out whether a given URL is supported, simply call youtube-dl with it. If you get no videos back, chances are the URL is either not referring to a video or unsupported. You can find out which by examining the output if you run youtube-dl on the console or catching an UnsupportedError exception if you run it from a Python program.

The issue template also guides you through some basic steps you can do, such as checking that your version of youtube-dl is current. Most users do not need to build youtube-dl and can download the builds or get them from their distribution.

To run youtube-dl as a developer, you don’t need to build anything either. Simply execute. To run the test, simply invoke your favorite test runner, or execute a test file directly; any of the following work:. See item 6 of new extractor tutorial for how to run extractor specific test cases. If you want to add support for a new site, first of all make sure this site is not dedicated to copyright infringement. After you have ensured this site is distributing its content legally, you can follow this quick list assuming your service is called yourextractor :.

This should fail at first, but you can continually re-run it until you’re done. The tests will then be named TestDownload. Add tests and code for as many as you want. Make sure your code follows youtube-dl coding conventions and check the code with flake8 :.

Make sure your code works under all Python versions claimed supported by youtube-dl, namely 2. When the tests pass, add the new files and commit them and push the result, like this:. Finally, create a pull request. We’ll then review and merge it. This section introduces a guide lines for writing idiomatic, robust and future-proof extractor code.

Extractors are very fragile by nature since they depend on the layout of the source data provided by 3rd party media hosters out of your control and this layout tends to change.

As an extractor implementer your task is not only to write code that will extract media links and metadata correctly but also to minimize dependency on the source’s layout and even to make the code foresee potential future changes and be ready for that. This is important because it will allow the extractor not to break on minor layout changes thus keeping old youtube-dl versions working. Even though this breakage issue is easily fixed by emitting a new version of youtube-dl with a fix incorporated, all the previous versions become broken in all repositories and distros’ packages that may not be so prompt in fetching the update from us.

Needless to say, some non rolling release distros may never receive an update at all. For extraction to work youtube-dl relies on metadata your extractor extracts and provides to youtube-dl expressed by an information dictionary or simply info dict. Only the following meta fields in the info dict are considered mandatory for a successful extraction process by youtube-dl:.

In fact only the last option is technically mandatory i. But by convention youtube-dl also treats id and title as mandatory. Thus the aforementioned metafields are the critical data that the extraction does not make any sense without and if any of them fail to be extracted then the extractor is considered completely broken.

Any field apart from the aforementioned ones are considered optional. That means that extraction should be tolerant to situations when sources for these fields can potentially be unavailable even if they are always available at the moment and future-proof in order not to break the extraction of general purpose mandatory fields. Assume you want to extract summary and put it into the resulting info dict as description.

Since description is an optional meta field you should be ready that this key may be missing from the meta dict, so that you should extract it like:. The latter will break extraction process with KeyError if summary disappears from meta at some later time but with the former approach extraction will just go ahead with description set to None which is perfectly fine remember None is equivalent to the absence of data.

On failure this code will silently continue the extraction with description set to None. That is useful for metafields that may or may not be present. When extracting metadata try to do so from multiple sources.

For example if title is present in several places, try extracting from at least some of them. This makes it more future-proof in case some of the sources become unavailable. Say meta from the previous example has a title and you are about to extract it. Since title is a mandatory meta field you should end up with something like:. If title disappears from meta in future due to some changes on the hoster’s side the extraction would fail since title is mandatory.

That’s expected. Assume that you have some another source you can extract title from, for example og:title HTML meta of a webpage. In this case you can provide a fallback scenario:. This code will try to extract from meta first and if it fails it will try extracting og:title from a webpage.

Capturing group must be an indication that it’s used somewhere in the code. Any group that is not used must be non capturing. When using regular expressions try to write them fuzzy, relaxed and flexible, skipping insignificant parts that are more likely to change, allowing both single and double quotes for quoted values and so on.

Note how you tolerate potential changes in the style attribute’s value or switch from using double quotes to single for class attribute:. There is a soft limit to keep lines of code under 80 characters long. This means it should be respected if possible and if it does not make readability and code maintenance worse. For example, you should never split long string literals like URLs or some other often copied entities over multiple lines to fit this limit:.

Extracting variables is acceptable for reducing code duplication and improving readability of complex expressions. However, you should avoid extracting variables used only once and moving them to opposite parts of the extractor file, which makes reading the linear flow difficult. Multiple fallback values can quickly become unwieldy. Collapse multiple fallback values into a single expression via a list of patterns.

Use them for string to number conversions as well. If you encounter any problems parsing its output, feel free to create a report. From a Python program, you can embed youtube-dl in a more powerful fashion, like this:.

Most likely, you’ll want to use various options. For a start, if you want to intercept youtube-dl’s output, set a logger object. Unless you were prompted to or there is another pertinent reason e. GitHub fails to accept the bug report , please do not send bug reports via personal email.

For discussions, join us in the IRC channel youtube-dl on freenode webchat. Please include the full output of youtube-dl when run with -v , i. It should look similar to this:. Do not post screenshots of verbose logs; only plain text is acceptable. Do not delete any existing entries. They were most likely set by another program or by Windows and deleting them can cause programs not to work and can even cause Windows to become unbootable.

Add the Youtube-DL install path to Path – With the variable editor open and your Youtube-DL install path in the clipboard, press the “New” button from the right side of the editor. This will create a new entry to the bottom of the variable. Test it! Now you can go to the section “Installing FFmpeg” to continue the installation!

If you’re still getting an error saying that youtube-dl is not recognised, try the following:. And if you still can’t get it it work, leave a comment at the bottom of this article to see if someone can help you.

If you only want to run Youtube-DL occasionally and don’t want it cluttering your PATH, you can instead run it directly from the install folder. Click on the address bar in Windows Explorer and type cmd to open Command Prompt in the current folder. Now you can simply use youtube-dl to run the program. Most notably, it allows you to download Youtube videos higher than p and allows you to combine a specific audio and video track together as one file.

You can download Windows binaries for FFmpeg from FFmpeg maintainer Gyan Doshi’s website — download the “git-full” binary if you’re not sure what build to pick. This will begin downloading a 7z file containing the latest FFmpeg build you will need 7-Zip to extract the file.

Open the archive and extract the contents of the ffmpegxx-xx-xx folder to a location of your choosing. The steps are the same as with Youtube-DL. However, instead of copying the base FFmpeg install path, copy the path from the bin folder e. You can verify that FFmpeg is set in the path by opening Command Prompt and run ffmpeg.

Snappy Driver Installer. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. Sergei Strelec’s WinPE. MusicBee Portable. Com » Internet Tools » Video Downloaders » youtube-dl Booo 2.

Not Geeky 3. RU, Ruutu, Ruv, safari: safaribooksonline. TV, FastVideo. Linux Video Tools. How to get started with youtube-dl from the command prompt – Read youtube-dl video tutorials View all guides with guide description here. Post review Show all 53 reviews. Good program but missing command line parameter to use infinite number of retries.

There are certain youtube videos that don’t download completely after 10 retries server is on maintenance or for whatever reason or download speed is very slow, after this the program simply stops and requires user interaction to retry, and so on. Be s to call youtube-dl with the –verbose flag and include its complete output. I also tried on a Windows 8. Some of the older available episodes do download though, so is the fault ITV.

Review by mike on May 16, Version: Not working from ok. Review by b2kguga on Mar 20, Version: Review by super8rescue on Feb 4, Version: Well done, I appreciate your work! Review by hevron on Dec 29, Version: It may be disabled when installing or after installation. Free Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or limited functions.

No installation is required. It works on bit and bit Windows. It works only on bit Windows. It works on bit and bit Mac OS.


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