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First, create an SVN repository repository. The command line runs as follows:. Note: The space after here must also be removed together. For example, my Subversion is installed in “D:Subversion”, the repository is in “D::svnroot”, and I want the corresponding Subversion service name to be svnservice, the command to install this svn service can be written as follows:.

In addition, the “-d” option, which is the daemon process mode, was used when starting svnserve before, and it cannot be used here, which will cause the service to fail to start. Except for our currently supported releases, distributions of Subversion found in the archives are not supported by the community. If you require support for an older version of Subversion, and are not able to upgrade to a newer version, consider contacting a commercial Subversion support vendor.

Make sure you get these files from the main distribution directory , rather than from a mirror. Then verify the signatures as follows:. If you’re unable to verify the PGP signatures, you can instead verify the checksums on the files.

A unix program called shasum is included in many unix distributions. TortoiseSVN the coolest interface to Sub version control. Downloads The current version is 1. Note: this only applies to bit applications on x64 OS.

Learning about Subversion is great, but the real fun is in applying that knowledge. The “Getting Subversion” section of the website is all about making sure Subversion finds it way into your hands.

This community releases source code archives of the various Subversion versions, which you can get via the Source Code menu. That’s also a good place to look for instructions on checking out Subversion’s source code from the repository in which it lives. But if you’d rather not deal with building Subversion yourself, there are a number of places where you can get precompiled Binary Packages of Subversion, built for various platforms.

The other sections of the website are primarily about getting — the “Community” section is where you interact and give. Here, you’ll learn about the Mailing Lists where Subversion-related discussions occur and about the Issue Tracker where bugs and enhancement requests are reported.

We’ll tell you about the various ways you can be Getting Involved with the project. The rest of this site is about Subversion — but Subversion doesn’t operate in a vacuum. It is part of the Apache Software Foundation ASF , which — in addition to the servers that run this site and our mailing lists — provides financial, technical, and legal backing. It lists our sponsors and allows you to donate if you wish. However depending on your installation there may be related components that are vulnerable: Some vendors provide Java based web interfaces bundled with their Subversion distribution.


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