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  • Ad Campaign Monitoring
  • Audience Research


SMM Packages

35,000 Month
  • Ads Spend – Rs.20,000
  • Our Management Fee – Rs. 15,000
  • Account Management – 3
  • Remarketing
  • Custom Audience Creation
  • Ad Campaign Monitoring
  • Audience Research


SMM Packages

65,000 Month
  • Ads Spend – Rs. 40,000
  • Our Management Fee – Rs. 25,000
  • Account Management – 5
  • Custom Conversion Creation
  • Remarketing
  • Custom Audience Creation
  • A/B Testing Of Ad Set, Creative And Placement
  • Youtube Ad Account Set Up
  • Discovery Ads & Bumper Ads

How Social Media Marketing Helps In Reaching The Right Audience

A report in 2020 mentioned that there were almost 3.6 billion social media users worldwide, which is set to double by 2030.

But even without considering this data, we can say that social media has developed in ways that go beyond connecting with friends and family. Based on that, many people and companies view social media marketing as an effective strategy to grow their business.

However, there are some challenges concerning social media usage for marketing. In this article, we will cover all the necessary information to help you understand how social media marketing helps upon reaching the right audience

What is Social Media Marketing?

To define briefly, social media marketing (SMM) is the process of developing specialized content for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc to promote your business services and drive engagement.

It is about connecting with potential customers and making them understand your brand better.

Whether it is Facebook Marketing, Instagram marketing or YouTube marketing, the outcome of social media marketing is highly dependent on your ability to gather and retain your target audience by sufficing their needs and making them happy with your exclusive content. In that way, they will share your story with others.

Utilizing Social Media to Reach Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience requires knowing what products, services, or content you want to offer and matching them with your audience’s needs. 

After figuring out your target audience, you as a business owner or content creator may find it tedious to devise methods to reach out to your target audience efficiently. To lessen that burden, we have listed the tools you can use to increase your reach.

1. Data Analytics to Determine Your Target Audience

Once you get an idea of your target audience, your next step will be to convert them to buy your product. But if you haven’t passed the first step yet, making wild guesses without referring to any data will waste effort, time, and money.

Fortunately, social media and most current web hosting services have data analysis tools to help you identify and define your potential audience. Analytics provide you with various demographic data that may help narrow your target market.

There are some crucial metrics that you need to consider when gathering data from your target audience:

  • Engagement

This measures the audience’s interaction with your product or content through likes, comments, audio and video playbacks.

  • Click-through rate (CTR)

This is based on the number of clicks your ad received, calculated by dividing the number of clicks received by the number of times the ad appeared.

  • Audience reach

This is the measure of the audience who viewed your ad content. Unlike engagement, audience reach does not require the audience to respond to the ad in any way.

  • Paid & organic likes

Paid likes are social media engagements earned by monetary help. At the same time, organic likes result from actual interest by the audience.

2. Hashtags

Hashtags are the simplest way to stay updated on all the latest trends. You mostly may have come across “#hashtags” on Instagram, but they are equally helpful on other social media platforms. That’s because they help in making your content relevant and gaining viewers.

By adding relevant hashtags to your content, you make your content visible to a wide range of users who follow those hashtags. The more popular the hashtags you use, the broader your audience reach.

Still, this method is vague for targeting specific audiences because your content may get lost in the ocean of other content having the same hashtag.

In that case, devising unique hashtags sets an opportunity for your content to create a new trend when the audience looks up those specific hashtags, the chances of your content being seen increases exponentially.

In addition to that, unique hashtags that are specific to your products allow the audience to associate them with your business.

3. Ads For Marketing

There are scenarios where your efforts to advertise your products or services organically can only fetch you a little. You may have to invest in paid advertising to reach a broader audience in such cases.

Paid advertising lets you promote your content to the correct audience, which drives traffic to your site. You can even “boost” your online presence through paid ads and make your content visible to a broader range of audiences who were otherwise difficult to reach.

However, not all paid advertisements bring the same results since your reach and engagement depend on your target audience’s presence on a specific platform.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

The concept of social media marketing has evolved over the years. A few years ago, the sole purpose of using social media channels was to generate website traffic.

Now You can have a social media marketing strategy in place to achieve a broad range of benefits, from creating two-way conversations with potential customers to expand the reach of whatever you’re selling.

1. Adds Up A New Audience Consistently

Social media marketing unlocks new doors to tactics that make it easy to gather a new audience for your business. While it is difficult to get people’s attention, platforms like Facebook allow you to use your content to connect with the potential audience and easily break through the noise with engaging content.

2. Builds Strong Customer Relationships

Successful brands connect and engage with their audiences over social media to build strong relationships.

In place of selling your products or services, you can instead ask your followers questions about your products or even share some sneak-peeks that could spike their curiosity. You can gain their trust and show how much you care about their opinions.

3. Increases Lead Generation & Conversions

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter allow companies to generate leads using paid and organic tactics to boost conversions.

In such cases, paid ad campaigns, giveaways,  video marketing, and email marketing are a few leading strategies to get prospects in your sales strata. 

4. Gives You A Higher Stand Over Your Competitors

Successful companies always track their competition and see what is working for them and what is not. Therefore, looking forward to what your contenders are up to is necessary for your social media marketing strategy.

5. It Isn’t Expensive

It doesn’t cost much if you want to run a paid campaign on social media to boost your content. It is, in fact, cost-effective compared to other advertising mediums.

Once done successfully, your chances of earning higher investment returns are higher.

What Must You Track?

Social media metrics can indeed be confusing.

Still, it would help if you tracked the appropriate metrics based on your goals, like:

  • Volume

Volume is the primary metric to measure insights, like how many users have posted something about your products/services on their walls.

  • Reach

Reach is a measure of the potential size of the audience. 

  • Engagement

Like how Facebook shares and Twitter retweets allow you to know who is spreading your content, the social media likes, reactions and comments let you know who is responding to your content. These are nothing but engagements.

  • Influence

Having millions of followers is one thing and creating an impact on social media is another. That’s why influence determines if your social media content is powerful enough to motivate your followers to do something.

  • Share of voice

This is a crucial metric to know how well your social media marketing strategy works by determining what percentage of the overall audience talks about your business compared to your competitors.

How Brandedunia Comes Into Action

By consulting an online marketing expert like Brandedunia, you can get detailed tips and information about how to strategically reach your target market and convert your engagement into actual sales.

To create personalized experiences across various channels, Brandedunia ensures that you deliver the ‘right message’ consistently at the ‘right time to the ‘right audience’.

Brandedunia’s vision lies in helping you to have result-oriented strategies in place. 

Concluding Remarks

Although social media platforms were developed to connect with their near ones, it has now become a model for content creators and business owners to promote their services to their preferred audience.

By utilizing various tools like hashtags, data analytics, and paid ads, businesses can make informed decisions through social media marketing that improves their reach and audience engagement.

Thus, a successful social media marketing strategy can engage your content, services, and products with your target audience and increase your sales and profitability.

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