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What is SEO and why is it important?

In today’s scenario, where information about anything is available at everyone’s fingertips, the business domain has experienced a rapid boom online. The internet has helped many businesses grow exponentially and expand their reach to a broader public. The scope of online advertising and business expansion is limitless and what has been utilized till now is nothing but the tip of the iceberg.

Search Engine Optimization, shortened to and more popularly known as SEO, is one of the most utilized and sought-after digital marketing tools today. It is a set of instructions that helps optimize a website so that it organically comes up in a search engine’s result. It is essential for increasing your site’s traffic and visibility across all the web platforms and search engines available on the internet. There are two main goals of SEO, the first being the obvious, increasing site traffic and visibility. Still, the second is helping you understand what users are searching for online so that you can optimize your content according to the customers’ intent. An experienced agency can do efficient SEO, for example, the best SEO agency in Delhi, BrandeDunia.

In today’s market, SEO has very high importance because:

  • About 75% of the users are likely to select one of the top 6 results in the search engine result pages. So to promote your organization, your website needs to appear in these top-ranking positions, which can only be achieved through SEO.
  • By staying among the top positions of the search engine, the dependence of the users and their trust in the website increases drastically.
  • It is highly beneficial for promotions through word-of-mouth publicity and website social media platforms.
  • It puts a website way ahead of its potential competitors. To clarify that in brief: if two websites sell the same product, then the one that uses an efficient SEO would be more visible on the search engines, which further results in more online traffic.

Though the reasons and benefits of using SEO are apparent, the next big question is, “how exactly does it work?”

SEO is not a static process but a framework composed of rules and subprocesses. The whole process of search engine optimization can be broken down into 3 types:-

1. Technical SEO

The first type of SEO is not related to the actual content of the website or any promotion methods involved in the website. But it has to do with all the settings you need to configure to make the job of search engine crawlers easier. Usually, once you get your technical SEO correct, you may not have to deal with it again in the future.

2. On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO is the type of SEO applied to the website and its pages to make it more accessible on the search engines. Unlike technical and off-page SEO, the main focus of on-page SEO is to feed search engine crawlers with enough signals so that they can understand the actual meaning and relevant context of your content. If done efficiently, On-Site SEO can be highly useful in maintaining the credibility and usability of that particular website.

3. Off-Site SEO

This is the most critical stage of SEO. After you have optimized the content of the website and its settings, the following main task for you is actually to make the site visible to the larger public. One of the crucial factors in determining the position of a webpage in the search results is figuring out the number of incoming links (or backlinks). Backlinks are a signal of trust; depending on where the links are coming from; they can significantly affect your ranking position. Your ranking will be positively affected if the links come from well-known and trusted sites. But your ranking will be negatively affected if they are paid links, links in article directories, link farms, or a result of an exchange.

To generate the necessary backlinks, either one indulges in rigorous online courses dedicated to search engine optimization or employees companies like BrandeDunia to make the website thrive on online platforms. BrandeDunia is one of the best SEO agencies in Delhi. It has been on its bucket list to expand across India to help budding startups or established businesses expand their web presence. BrandeDunia is a SEO agency based in Delhi. It works in the field of search engine optimization and digital marketing. The company helps others get more sales, leads and customers to their business, it believes in providing the best service to every client and that’s the motive of everyone at the BrandeDunia family. It started with the idea of bringing every small business online and helping them in getting more leads and business using various SEO techniques in order to help them in ranking on top of search engine pages.

Overall, it is clear from the above discussion that it will be increasingly helpful for a company to expand its business in the online arena and situate itself on the world wide web through the use of optimized and attractive website configurations. In addition to all these perks, through their expertise in the field of marketing, companies like BrandeDunia can help the budding entrepreneurs of our nation to exemplify their reach on the internet.

One of the most important takeaways of SEO is that it is one of the most important digital marketing ethics that all 21st-century employers are looking for. Such a sought-after method would surely be effective, given how many businesses worldwide use it to expand their reach across the internet. The use of search engine optimization is highly essential for any enterprise to indulge themselves in rigorous online marketing and further expose themselves to a broader circle of the productive audience through the internet. If you are looking for getting the SEO of your website done in order to gain more business and traffic for your website then BrandeDunia is the best suited agency for your needs. A lot of businesses are availing their services then why not you ?

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