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Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. Be the first one to write a review. Topics Paulo Coelho Collection opensource. Internet Archive Books. Be the first one corlho write a review. Ссылка wife Ewa left him two years нажмите для продолжения and Igor has never really come to terms with their break up, especially as Ewa is now remarried to a famous fashion designer, Hamid Hussein.


The Winner Stands Alone – PDF Drive

The Winner Stands Alone is a gripping, fast-paced thriller, and Coelho cleverly weaves in elements of social satire, poking fun at our celebrity and money obsessed culture. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3.


The winner stands alone : Coelho, Paulo : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


Igor is clearly unhinged and he will stop at nothing to regain her love and so he goes on a ruthless killing spree until he tracks down Ewa… The star-s Read Online. Chapter 8: Chapter 2 – 7. Chapter 9: Chapter 3 – Chapter Chapter 4 – Chapter Chapter 5 – Chapter Chapter 6 – Chapter Chapter 7 – Chapter Chapter 8 – 1.

Chapter Chapter 9 – 1. Chapter Chapter 10 – 1. Chapter Chapter 11 – 1. The Winner Stands Alone. Coelho takes us to the Cannes Film Festival, where the so-called Superclass gathersthose who have made it in the dreammaker’s world of fashion and cinema. Some of them have even reached the very top and are afraid to lose their lofty positions. Money, power, and fame are at stakethings for which most people are prepared to do anything to keep. Advertising Download Read Online.

Series: Unknown. Languge: English. Users who have this book I have the Ebook I have the Paperbook. Users who want this book I want the Ebook I want the Paperbook. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker.

Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art. Internet Arcade Console Living Room. Admittedly, there was a typical Guardian Angel of Igor part in it as well but it fitted in with the story.

Igor is really a fascinatingly blunt character. He manipulates each of his victims in such subtle ways; yet with a definite craftiness in his manner. How he knows the anatomy, is so full of sagacity yet has a dark side.

It was so breathtaking to read the things, that goes on into the minds of killers. Paulo Coelho has done it again and this beautifully candid story about the complicatedly compelling Igor, Ewa who is forever stuck in time and about the unconditional capability of Hamid to love. Apart from that each and every character was worked upon and made into something more than just a name to be forgotten soon. Jasmine, Gabriela, Savoy, even the pathologist were all such ordinary people stuck in something extraordinary and out of their reach.

I would highly recommend it; my latest favorite by Paulo Coelho. The Winner Stands Alone is a sure winner! View 2 comments. May 13, Hadichahon rated it did not like it.

Coelho, as an author, is capable of so much more, I promise! Reading this book will taint your perception of him as an author. I now clearly lament the spur of the moment decision which led me to waste my money on this book. When I first began reading I was mildly amused. Within the first fifty pages, however, such positive emotions morphed into deep rooted frustration. It quickly became apparent that I was reading a comic satire of the movie and fashion industry.

I genuinely disliked each and every character in the book especially Igor! The bored, euro-trash mentality, and the repetitive whining of each narrative, gets very tiring very quickly.

Every single character was flat and lacked a depth of emotion- they simply didn’t come alive in my imagination- they were simply unable to take on their own identities, speak with their own voices, or come up with unexpected actions. Instead, Coehlo ponderously dragged them through a plodding and unnatural plot, forcing the reader to follow suit. And follow suit I did. I felt obliged to finish the book. Maybe due to my abhorrence towards the idea of an unfinished book, or as an honorary tribute to the usually wonderful author That miracle never occurred!

I wish I could have my time back that was wasted on reading this book. Whatever it was that Coelho wanted me to get from reading this book, I did not get it. I guess part of the reason I’m being so hard on this novel is because it starts out with a somewhat interesting premise and then seems to dig itself into a large abyss from which it cannot escape. The plot felt extremely stagnant in many parts, especially the passages providing explanations about the materialistic nature of the fashion and movie industries.

I got it the first time! No need to repeat it over and over and over and over and over again! As much I hate to do this as I previously mentioned, Coelho is capable of so much more as an author ; I am left with no other option but to give this book a 1 star review. View 1 comment. Apr 09, Usman Hickmath rated it it was ok. Paulo Coelho has picked up an interesting backdrop to tell a story. The parts where the novel elaborates on what is happening behind the glitz and glamour of an international film festival are interesting.

But he has failed in telling a convincing story using that setting and also has confused the reader on whether chasing a dream in the glitzy world is worthy or not. A fantastic setting to give a memorable novel has been squandered. Jan 28, Megan rated it did not like it Shelves: badly-written , acting , transparent , hated , literary-fiction , cheesy , , pandering , awful , hollywood.

I have never read any of Paulo Coelho’s books beside this one. Somehow, I got to this one first, I guess because it was new. From reading the summaries and reviews of his previous books, I am still holding out hope for them that they are nothing like this one.

The problem with this book is he spends far too much time pontificating on the downfalls of society in regards to fame and money. We worship it, it cha I have never read any of Paulo Coelho’s books beside this one. We worship it, it changes us, it’s so horrible, etc.

I don’t disagree with any of that, but be a little subtle. Your audience is not dumb. We don’t need the point beat over our head every 3 pages. It honestly felt like he was just switching between writing a novel to writing a badly-written dissertation on the evils of celebrity.

He focuses on it to the point of irritating the reader and making the story and characters secondary. Which sadly, the actual story is not redeeming the book either. Even the stories of the characters themselves are hard to get very invested in, partly because of the choices in writing and partly because of the overbearing feeling of “I am here to teach you a lesson!

Unfortunately that was ruined with poor writing and a feeling of being preached to. I would like to know if any of his other books are worth it View all 5 comments. May 09, Sandhya rated it did not like it. Then I happened to read his Eleven Minutes, which a friend gifted some years back. But from there on, the story just goes all over the place and becomes a sorry excuse to peddle soft porn.

The bigger issue is that that the setting and story ring totally false. A one line summary would read as a gathering of the rich and famous at Cannes even as a multi millionaire serial killer is on the prowl to reclaim his wife.

And the glitzy backdrop of the festival offers Paulo an opportunity to ruminate on many of the superficialities that lurk beneath the surface glory and glamour. The characters are predictable, namely, a small town girl – embittered by the experience back home is determined to become a model.

Still another woman wants to sell her idea for a film to a major distributor. These are some of the important characters but the major one is that of Igor, a rich businessmen who is at Cannes in search of his wife Ewa, who left him a couple of years back and is living with a hot shot fashion designer, Hamid Hussain. Each of the characters comes in contact with the others and their destinies collide in small and big ways.

Meanwhile suspicious incidents of murder are taking place. As one mentioned, the story never really strikes you as true and the reason among many is because there is an awkward distance between the author and his subject.

Paulo betrays a definite inadequacy in the understanding of his setting and characters, which is why a redundancy and tedium creeps in ever so often.

In general too, there is not a single character you feel for. This is because they are just too typically portrayed, devoid of any real nuance, depth or imagination. The only way this quasi thriller could have been salvaged was if it was a quick fire read. The language tends to be heavy and along with the rambling, it kind of makes for an uneven, uneasy read.

With Paulo, you expect him to tell a story, pause and then throw up an existential quandary. But barring that, not recommend at all. At least with Eleven Minutes, I felt I had entered a real world for some time but with this one, you get the feeling of being stranded with a clueless bystander.

It is translated from the original Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa. The Cannes Film Festival: Ewa is there with her fashion-designer husband Hamid Hussein for showings and some high-power business meetings; Russian telco president, Igor Malev is there to demonstrate to his ex-wife that she needs to return to their marriage. He refers to them as martyrs for love. But then his objective changes. Igor is obviously mad but the reader has to wade through chapters of his thought processes.

The whole tone is very moralistic, full of platitudes and aphorisms, and very heavy on message at the expense of good writing. It is repetitive to the point of being tiresome, making this a rather tedious read. Jan 12, Ivana S. Too condescending. I don’t mind being reminded of real values of life and superficiality of modern world, but a whole book about it is a bit too much for me.

Too many characters and none of them made me care, not even slightly enough to be concerned if they get to live or die at the end. The whole story made my eyes roll on too many occasions. Descriptions were boring and long, dialogues artificial and the whole thing felt wrong. I hated the ”tone” of writing – it sounded as if the readers are Too condescending. I hated the ”tone” of writing – it sounded as if the readers are too oblivious and stupid to see the world for themselves, and as if we all need to be told about life from a person who considers himself superior.

It would be so much better if more space was used for actual plot, and less for tirades about everything that is wrong with the modern world. It is ok to see the world as it is and be able to distinguish true values from fake glamour, but cca pages of tirades about it is not something I find amusing or interesting. View all 3 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Oh my, does he try to adapt some of Sidney Sheldon? Well, he failed. I hate this book from the first chapter I read it.

But I continue read it with some faith that Paulo will surprised me. Yea, Paulo did I hate this book more after I finished it. This book is totally cynical.

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