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Does anyone have or know where to download a windows pokemon y rom? But idk, my pc is too weak to emulate 3DS, i just play on my own 3DS. Download now. New, unique, and exciting are the words to describe Pokémon X / Y. With this brand new adventure will bring a new generation of lovable. Download now. Pokémon Y is an innovation of the whole franchise as it features unique gameplay, enhanced graphics, and more Pokémon to catch while.

Pokemon Y Nintendo 3DS Rom & CIA Download

It’s a guaranteed catch, so throw a Cherish Ball at it and it’ll be just like the Torchic event that was available when X and Y launched. The edited title screen will only show up if the game is played in Doenload each language has its own title screen, and the pokemon y pc download ita ones are unedited. Can I play in a language other than English? If you encounter a trainer with a move they shouldn’t have, please report it so I can fix them. The second reason is a request.


[Pokemon y pc download ita

Enjoy horde attacks, sky battles, a Mega Evolution storyline, and much more playing Pokemon X and Y ROM now free for download. Read More. In Pokémon X and Y, the battle system is based on three factors: Attack Power, Hit Points, and Speed. Each Pokémon has a different mix of these. pokémon x and y download for pc.


Pokémon X & Y EUR FR ITA GER 3DS DOWNLOAD ROM – video Dailymotion


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