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Inpa windows 10 64 bit

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Here is the educational tutorial on installing BMW INPA/EDIABAS diagnostic software on Windows 10 bit. Enjoy. Disclaimer: You are at your risk. This DIY describes how to capture the latest English metric INPA scripts and configuration files from INPA and manually integrate them along with German. replace.me › watch.❿


Inpa windows 10 64 bit.INPA Windows 10 bit Installation Guide


Double-click on the Instprog. Click OK. Select English and click Continue. Click Continue. Verify that the language is set to English metric.

The archive contents will be extracted. Click End. Close the File Explorer window. Under INPA 5. Copy the INPA. Once you have these two folders, you will never need to install INPA 5. Blow away your previous installation of Windows and start over with a fresh install.

Now that you have the two folders needed to bootstrap INPA 5. Depress the Windows logo key to display the Start menu. Reason: broken link to winkfp import guide. Appreciate StradaRedlands Here my answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, in no particular order.

I will update this FAQ over time. This is not intended to replace, but rather augment official BMW Group documentation. What are integration levels? Also referred to as I-level , I-step , and I-stage During development of a given chassis i. An integration level is a defined vehicle configuration from an electrical standpoint hardware and software that is validated by BMW. How do I determine the current integration level of my vehicle?

You can display your current dealer integration level with INPA Do I need a newer SP Daten to code my vehicle?

That depends upon your current integration level. Your integration level tells you the minimum SP Daten needed to code your car. You can always use a newer SP Daten if you wish, but it’s not necessary. I’m not sure which SP Daten I have. How I can determine which integration level it supports? The supported integration level can be found in the KMM database. This is an example from SP Daten Reason: Added question 11 to the FAQ. CarAbuser Reserved for future use. Appreciate 0. Restart your PC once more manually.

Phase 3 1. Under INPA 5. Under NCS Expert 3. Click on Rename. In the box, type the number 1 and press continue, and again. You might gett error. Ignore it. IF prompted, press End. Phase 4 1. You will from now on use ONLY that port. Windows 10 also already has a serial function. This is all we need to modify.

In your search box lower left of screen next to Windows button , type “Device Manager”. Click on the top option. Goto Port Settings tab. Click Advanced. Change Latency Timer from 16 to 1.

Press ok. Press ok again. Close Device Manager. Press Enter. Phase 5 1. If not, manually add it in. Please ensure you put that in there then add in the rest. Phase 6 1. Goto Compatibilty and run the program in compatibility mode for Windows 7. Also, run as administrator. Click Apply then ok. Doulbe-click to launch. Press Install. You will get an error. I have Win 10 and Vitual XP setup. Good with computers just need a little nudge in the right direction.

Thanks for the assist. Originally Posted by jra All times are GMT Press next again and again. You do NOT have to perform the data backup if not desired. Uncheck box if not wanting data backup and click next. Check the box for USB to serial adapter. Click Install.

If any errors, ignore them. Phase 7 1. Set up for compatibility as mentioned in Phase 6,step 1. The installation will begin and complete. Phase 8 1. Once completed, the window will close itself. Phase 9 1. You will receive confirmation that your registry has been updated. Otherwise, ignore this step! In theory, you will not have INPA on your desktop.

Right-click it and set up compatibility mode as mentioned in Phase 1, step 3. Double click to launch. I utilized these couple of great tutorials, gathered all files needed, made my own.

ICOM A2can be used with diagnosis and also programming. While DCAN cable can do all of those it is not safe to program modules because there have been a lot of cases where modules were bricked. Rather than going through all those stuff, it is more convenient to just buy the lifetime FSC code and be done with it.

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Inpa windows 10 64 bit.INPA Windows 10 64-bit Installation Guide

Today we will share a fast and convenient way to install BMW Standard tools for the INPA K+DCAN usb interface. replace.me › /01/03 › inpa-windowsdownload-free-confirme. Inpa Windows 10 64 Bits Pay attention mates! This useful full package is really worth sharing: BMW INPA + EDIABAS + NCS Expert + WinKFP.

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