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[God Of War 2 Free Download PC Game Full Version

Gears Of War 2 Free Download PC Game Supports Coop And Multiplayer. The Player Can Play With His Friend In The Coop Mode For Completing All. Gears of war – a futuristic third-person shooter set on the planet Sera, where humans and Locust Horde are involved in a bloody war – an underground.


[Gears of War PC Game – Free Download Full Version


Gears of War is one of the few games ported from consoles to PCs in proper quality. Humanity colonized the planet Sulfur, but did not share the resources.

Two opposing camps started a war, but then a third party intervened. The local inhabitants, nicknamed “locust”, are tired of maintaining neutrality: thousands of humanoids crawled out of their underground dwellings and began to destroy people indiscriminately. While the Earthlings realized, they had suffered enormous damage. At this time, a former soldier of the elite detachment, Marcus Phoenix, is serving time in the colony for non-fulfillment of an order.

He and several other prisoners are released to fulfill an important mission: it is necessary to make a plan for the underground tunnels of the “locust” in order to blow them to smithereens with a powerful bomb. The players also can play as human or Locust characters in the multiplayer gameplay mode. In this the players only can have a pistol, grenade, or two other weapons if want at any time.

These weapons can be found on the game map and players can get them. Meanwhile if the player gets too much damage from the opponent attacks the screen of the game gets red and it will get normal as the player avoid the enemy attacks and get cover behind any obstacles.

Campaign mode allow the player to complete different mission included in the game. Each of the mission represent different difficulty levels like normal, casual and hardcore. The gaming series, which throughout the years has reached a peak of its popularity was developed and published by Santa Monica Studio and Sony Computer Entertainment respectively.

God of War two installment in the series is meant to be played on PlayStation 2 and can be played only on the single-player mode. The plot of the story follows a theme based on ancient mythology.

For those who are not so fluent in their Greek mythology, the Greek god of war is Ares. Kratos is personified as a strength in Greek mythology and he is tricked by his former teacher Ares into killing his own family. This automatically leads to a series of battles fought amongst the various important gods and heroes.

Your role as the player is to make your character achieve the goal presented for him in the game. It is not so easy to understand the entire plot in one go. It is especially so when the story is expanded over so many installments under the same series.

We just provided a gist of the entire storyline. As the game progresses, you will for yourself find out how the story slowly unfolds before you various new obstructions and goals. God of War 2 offers its players gameplay that is too hard to resist. The gameplay is the most important part of the gaming experience of a player.

It can make or break the gaming experience no matter how good the plot is. This action-adventure game is played in the third person. It has a camera angle that shows you a view from over the shoulder of the character.

This not only enhances the entire gameplay by making you more involved in the game as if you are the one present inside the game rather than your character, but also adds a certain amount of adrenaline to your entire gaming experience. The game is to be played in single-player mode only booted the character you can play is the character of Kratos. All of them willing to enter the battle to defend theirs in this second edition of Gears of War. If you are passionate about this awesome game, Gears of War 2 PC, you can not miss this wallpaper with which to decorate your computer.


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