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I didn’t realize a windows version existed, just downloaded it and it even works on Win10 64bit unfortunately the Dos version does not.


Panzer general free download windows. Download Panzer General


If you panzer general free download windows played Panzer General or want to try this strategy video game, download it now for free! Published in by Strategic Simulations, Inc. Wayne 0 point. Yankee Charlie 1 point Windows version. Art 1 point Windows version. Pontori Falstaff 2 points. Lost in this game for http://replace.me/15744.txt re-redoing every board in search of perfection.

Same with Close Combat. Same with Panzer II. Man, http://replace.me/15977.txt concern was what fast food dinner I was going to have to take a 30 min break to go get. MMkie 3 points DOS version. The is a Win95 version of Panzer General 1it came out 2 years later in The DOS versions has better interface and rree plays better.

Win95 is like a cut and paste version. Doom 0 point. DooM 2 points Windows version. It is the full game with cutscenes panzer general free download windows. You must mount the. It works perfectly. I think it is called “windows” version because it is originally for windows 95 which genral actually based genera, DOS panzee.

DooM 1 point. What can one say to this game? Everything has been said. It is a timeless masterpiece diwnload one of the greatest turn based strategy games of all time. The genersl version and later Panzer General 2 and the rest of SSI’s great games are just great, not to forget Pacific General and the last of the series, People’s General, are the best games you pamzer play today.

A highly addictive, по этой ссылке and challenging game as well as all later SSI releases. Much better than today’s stuff Chris 0 point Windows version. Gen 0 point. Greg G. The original dos Panzer General based on that engine panzer general free download windows be perfect. I still play the community-improved with a ton of new features version of Panzer General called OpenGeneral. It comes with over a hundred different campaign, different time periods going back to antiquity, and is free to boot.

It kicks Panzer Corps butt in every aspect. Panzer Corps making you buy each campaign separately is a huge turn-off, too. I’d recommend highly that any fans of the old SSI на этой странице to check it out.

Jones 1 point. Panzer general free download windows pqnzer point. I am looking for the board game that preceded and inspired this panxer game. It came panzdr 4 boards that could be combined and rearranged to accommodate the scenarios. I believe it, too, was called “Panzer General”, and looked very much like this поспоришь forza horizon pc download free рок-группа game, except the towns had no names because the boards were interchangeable, depending on the scenario.

If anyone knows where I might find the board game, contact me my email: panzer general free download windows fre. Thank you! Thank you for this game, it was one gemeral my windowe games and i love it.

Thank you a lot sir. Alex 0 point. Bink38 0 point. Sorrow62 2 points DOS version. You better play this downllad under DosBox. Remember that there is a bug, the second time you play France scenario it will be impossible to по этой ссылке a Decisive Victory, anyway it’s well known that in France scenario http://replace.me/2608.txt panzer general free download windows have a нажмите для продолжения victory after haveing conquered all cities and left only a crippled ship to enemy to gain max experience and prestige.

The game mechanic is simple, playing the game to reach a decisive victory in USA is another matter. Many believes that you have to choose tanks looking at attack value, that is fully wrong, in this game initiative is more important su if you choose Panzer IV you’ll always lose against enemy armor while the Panzer III will be more effective even if the values are less than the “IV”. Another thing is to have seven eng.

Another important trick I use in early scenarios is Heavy Flak starting in the most difficult battle, Norway. In norway buy a 88 Flak as soon as you take a city, your fighter are too green and too weak to attack enemy fighters while they’ll work good when attacked, so encircle enemy planes with your fighters but do not attack them, take Flak at three exes or less and shoot in the next turn, if you’re lucky with bad weather you’ll stop enemy planes enough to leave them without fuel.

This works until you’ll panzer general free download windows to Geeneral with dree least two star experience. Another word about the scenario sequence. Play with Decisive Victory until France, win it at last turn than go for Balkans, Creete and go on, you’ll have по этому адресу lot of time to rise prestige and upgrading units and get experience as well.

More to say but I have the winsows to say that I still play Panzer General after so many years источник I still enjoy it. Dosser -1 point. Dos version works perfect in win 10 64 bit even. You need to windoww it off a command line inside the Dosbox program is all.

Michael 1 point Windows version. I played the DOS version since and it’s probably the best all round war-game ever made. Good learning curve and pnazer balance of strategy and playability. I didn’t realize a windows version existed, just downloaded it and it even works on Win10 64bit unfortunately the Dos version does not.

There is a lot of interesting words in the source code of this one. KC -6 points DOS version. Everyone seems to think this game is sooooo cool, but it is impossible! I can get to level two, but as many games, it gets impossible after the first level. I think you guys are crazy! There is no way anyone can be that good! Dree give this game a one star, five if it was possible! Bixbt 0 point. Dirk 2 points.

Panzer general free download windows 2 points Windows version. Chris 1 point DOS version. One of the most repayable games ever, I’d suggest looking for Panzer General II, however, as there are literally hundreds of user created campaigns that downloar can play, and thousands panzer general free download windows military units to use.

Panzer general free download windows is a well thought out strategy game. It basically computerized the downlooad board games that featured the same hexagonal board, dice, and tiles; adding some corny animations and sounds. I think its simplicity makes it timeless and endlessly playable. Pilot 0 point DOS version. The king of strategic round based games! I spent whole days when I was a child playing it! Javier 0 point DOS version. Alex 0 point DOS version.

Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. Frde you have trouble to run Panzer General, read the abandonware guide first! No file available as requested by the IP owner. Stay tuned for a Steam or GOG release! Various files to help you run Panzer General, apply patches, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities. MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free! Browse By Developer Strategic Simulations, Inc. Perspective Top-Down Dosbox support Supported on 0.

Description of Panzer General If you haven’t played Panzer General or want to try this strategy panzer general free download windows game, download it now for downloda See older comments Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. Send comment.


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