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It includes Weihong waterjet cutting control system and Weihong glass cutting control system. The former has been widely applied in cutting metal, stone. The system can directly support UG, MASTERCAM, CASMATE, Art CAM, AUTOCAD, CorelDraw and other CAD / CAM software to generate G-code, PLT code format and carved. Download NCstudio for free and use it run it without motion controller card. Run NC studio with emulator.


Download NC Studio and run without controller card – CAM, CNC and Laser Machine school

CNC Router Ncstudio Pci Motion Card Controller V6 ; Operating System: XP, Win7 Bit System ; Features: 1. 3-axis Linkage. 2. Computer Pci Slot Interface. 3. Use. 3 axis NC Studio PCI motion ncstudio control card set for CNC router Engraving Milling machine Free Shipping –The system can directly support UG MASTERCAM.



NC studio controller system PM53C is a three-axis engraving machine cnc motion controller. It is widely use on three axis cnc router engraving machines.

And the computer gives more как сообщается здесь to nc studio controller. First, because computers have more storage space than Richauto DSP controller, nc studio controller system is prior to dsp control system on capacity of reading big cnc files; second, weihong system can display real-time working toolpath by computer pci ncstudio control system download machining while dsp system cannot.

As every cnc router operator knows, the files of furniture carving pci ncstudio control system download always big. So for the users who mainly do carving jobs, the nc studio cnc controller PM53C is the first choice. PCI card — 1 Piece Model. Weihong PM53C. Motion control card — 1 Piece Model. Giochi guerra online per pc download EX23A3. Data cable — 1 Piece. This enables communication from the computer side to the machine side. It is the working way of ncstudio controller PM53C.

Any computer which meets the below configuration can work. Desktop Computer. CPU: the frequency of 1G or above. Memory: M or more. Hard Disk: pci ncstudio control system download or more. Graphics Card: x or more. NC studio based on PC operating system, the user interface is simple, easy to learn etc. Simply enter a few parameters; you can complete the end milling, crochet and other functions. The user can set the processing task to be single step mode, thus providing good support for error diagnosis and fault recovery.

The problem of suddenly power off is fully considered in the design process of nc studio controller system. The system can protect the files from damage when power off; functions of breakpoint continue and accurate back machine origin guarantees the reliable recovery after system restart.

During machining, the user can adjust the feed ratio at any time. In other cnc control system, connection speed between two G codes commonly is a fixed value e. However, nc studio weihong controller adopts a particular machining speed adaptive prediction algorithm.

In accordance with speed value, pci ncstudio control system download, maximum acceleration, and the function of forward prediction, the algorithm adaptively decides the connection speed between the current instruction and the next instruction. Through a simple operation, user can observe three-dimensional processing results from all angles, which help user understand processing results more accurate and more intuitive. NC studio controller system PM53C can do fast simulation processing on the program, and finish in a very short period of time, check whether has error in processing files, whether processing results are ok, and calculate the actual processing time required accurately.

As long as the user save processing program files to the specified directory, NC studio system can manage the files in its enclosed pci ncstudio control system download manager. Users can backup the parameters as per your need so that they can be жмите сюда when needed.

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