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What is Search Engine Optimization?-Basic Guide to SEO(2021)-(in-short)

If you landed here to understand more about SEO you must have been struggling to know how SEO works, its implementation and does it really helps to reach your website on top “organically”? Well, you’re in a right place. In this guide, we will give you a short tutorial related to Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO- (Search Engine Optimization)?

Simply SEO brings traffic to your website and engages more audience through organically(non- paid visitors) search engine results. If used correctly, SEO makes it possible to land your website on google’s first page. In this competitive market where every brand and its service do their best efforts to reach the right perspectives is essential, SEO and its beneficial elements make you more visible and guide you to stand out in this digital market era. As we have promised, that this article is going to be short, here we serve you the crucial elements of SEO.


Let’s get straight, keywords are the words and phrases that prospects use on a search engine, related to what are they finding? This is the correct way to connect with your prospects through the right keywords and convert them into your trustworthy customers.
When researching keywords, it’s important to have look at the ones that have a high search rate and less competition and choose short-tail, long tail, and local keywords. You can also use keywords to optimize all your titles, URLs, and other ON-page SEO work.
Make sure your keywords are well researched, carefully chosen, and judicially used in your content in order to be effective.


Content is a crucial part of branding. It helps to reach and engage the audience in an interesting way if presented wisely. Say, for example, you have a food-making business and there is an audience who wants to learn cooking. To reach them, through content, your content ought to be interesting, informative, and well presented. So, the moment they search for their favorite dish recipe, your content will be visible and that’s how you can build a strong trustworthy relationship with your customers. You can reach them via social posting, infographics, website content, videos, podcast, local listings, and white papers and e-books.


Off-Page SEO, tells search engines, that your website is high-quality, valuable, and this builds authority. Off-Page SEO involves external optimize practice that happens away from your site rather than on it. The main technique used on off-page SEO is the backlink, and the current best practices for a backlink are guest blogging, mentioning influencers, and infographics that highly sharable by the customers.

Local SEO

For instance, if you are having a “Coffe House” and the local resident find a local coffee house near them, through their cells phone(that rapidly increasing to search by the mobile phones, currently its 57%), then LOCAL SEO, ensure you that when the local resident went to search “coffee house” near in your area. Along with using local keywords, other local SEO best practices include claiming directory listings, creating location-specific pages for your site, and creating pages for your business on Google My Business, Google+, and Google Maps.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is paid marketing, it includes native ads, social media ads, Google Adwords, Google Shopping ads & more. It’s not necessary to have paid ads, but if you want to target new audiences at a particular time, it helps you to get more engagement in your website at minimum timing.

How does it help in Moden Businesses, “THE IMPORTANCE”

Cleary helps to increase your visibility among the customers. Using SEO elements correctly can boost your business and mark your product on the top lits of google’s first page. The more effective and polished your SEO effort would be, the more visibility you would get and the higher raking you would achieve.
Once you get the visibility and ranking, your website would get the traffic automatically. Considering it for a moment nearly 33% of click go to the first ranking page and the first five listing gets over 75% of all clicks. This improves the authority of your website and adds high quality, improves trust, and tells your customers that you have something genuine to offer.
In the end, improves your growth, eventually, we all need this, pointing to the right nerve of the customers and offering them what they actually in need, would definitely bring your brand into the limelight and technically make your image for a long process. SEO generates the success path for you if choose the direction wisely.

SEO can get Fallible

An important point to note down is SEO is important but search engines aren’t perfect. If you don’t counter their failure, then your website will pay the price. To take steps to counter this problem,

  • Do have a proper link structure otherwise, your website can’t crawl properly.
  • Coding errors can block your website
Other common areas where search engines can create the problems are:
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Forms
  • Image, flash, audio files, video, and other non-textual content
  • Language and semantics

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