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Top Social Media Marketing Strategies(SMM) for business and companies-2021 (A Beginner Guide)

What is Social Media Marketing?

Nowadays connecting with your valuable customers through various social platforms is crucial. It’s important to tell them who you are? what do you do? and how beneficial your service is for them? Some business land here:

• To build a brand image • Generate new leads
• To get more traffic on their website • To build strong customer relationships
• Spread awareness about their products & services • To know customers’ thoughts related to their brand
• Provide customer services through social media platforms and so on.
The motive could be anything, but what is most important here, that these social platforms can get you what you actually need if your plans and strategies are unique and worthy.

What is a Social Media Strategy?

I have read various definitions related to SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY but can’t resist writing my own, you know if your panning doesn’t meet what is your strategy, then there is the chance that you’re lacking in something. There the crossover between the planning and strategy, say, for example, you have the strategy to complete your task but the list of planning, to make it possible or happen is lacking, then the possibility to lose the game is higher.
You need to be clear, what is your purpose to put your business on a social media platform, what you expect, what you want from your customers, and how you can understand what’s benefits they would get after buying you.
The Top Social Media Platforms Are:

Instagram Facebook Linkedin Youtube WhatsApp
Messanger WeChat Tumblr Twitter Snapchat
If you want to prefer only a handful amount of social platforms, then Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & Linkedin would work best for you.

Let’s talk about some IMPORTANT Social Media Marketing Strategies that would be a kick start for you.

  1. Always know who is your target audience, Selling any product on social media without knowing, whom you are targeting is worthless for your brand image. I was reading an article in which they( presented how you can define your target audience on social media platforms. Here I’m sharing the image they have used, that would be very beneficial to understand what you are looking for.
  2. Focus on Content Marketing strategy, ok here is the deal, whatever, whenever, whoever is gonna open their Instagram or any social platform, the first thing they see is content. Not giving them, what is the soul of marketing, you are dead here & there. People connect with you, through the content you give to them, Collecting Organic Audience on social media platforms, Creative Content is the king. SEO starts working better when you post an enormous amount of interesting and valuable content.
  3. Add value to your follower’s emotions, keep telling them about your product will count as bragging.

    To avoid this, take care of your follower’s emotions, engage them with some interesting facts, and news, of course, they’re with you because they value your product but uploading back to back just only about you can impact badly. Interact with them to express that your brand has emotions, tell them your story, and connect your audience with your talented backstage team.

    Here is more you can do to engage your audience.
    • Ask questions, about anything that would interest them.
    • Live sessions, play an important part, to have engagement on your social profile.
    • Linking and sharing your trustworthy customer’s post on your profile.
    • Request politely to interact through your post via likes and comments.
    • Use some videos to draw their attention by using trendy songs or challenges.
    • Ask them to give genuine reviews related to your product and services.
    • Always reply, when they tag in some of their posts and so on.
    Analyze/observe their behavior and actions and act accordingly.

  4. Jazz up your profile with multiple content strategies, as I have said before, that posting interesting content, which means, attractive posts, infographics, videos, reels, would help to benefit your profile and would definitely make it more colorful. It’s also a source to get organic reach to your profile.
  5. Tell your story by going live, this is also what I have mentioned above, and describing here because it’s an important feature, to get jotted down. Still many big companies aren’t using it and not showcasing what exactly they are doing and how they do it, and this creat a lack of connection between you and the customers.
    Telling your story by facing themselves really plays an impactful part when the customers see that he/she is not only connected with just material things but also building up a strong relationship with the human feelings, where they can anytime share what they feel. Believe me, from the outside it’s not looking as big as it’s mentioned here, but while using it can impact your brand positively.

    The market is growing up with time, it’s taking shape as the market features demands, this time social platforms are taking a hike, every business and brand taking shelter under this umbrella and using it to make themselves more lovable by the potential customers. Not only for the old business but also for the young entrepreneur who just started their career in it. Use it, grab the opportunity and make your brand sound internationally.

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